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Creating a list from a segment

When building campaigns and taking action on various groups of people combining your list and segments to create one large list could be very helpful. Let’s say you have two segments that are based on different criteria and you now would like to send the same email to them or call all of them. You can simply combine your to two segments or lists and proceed to take your action.

Begin by clicking ‘Actions’ within the segment you’d like to work with. Then click ‘Create List from Segment.’

Then name your new list and choose which segment(s) you’d like to add. 


You will see a percentage ticker at the top of your screen which will tell you the number of profiles being added to your new list.


Once your segment has been added to your list, you have the ability to add and remove profiles. Here you can add additional segments or individual profiles.

You can also click into a folder to select a segment to add to a list from this screen.