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Importing phone calls as an interaction

You can import phone calls through the Import Tool as an interaction. This means that the phone call data that you import will show up in a profile's Activity Timeline. Once imported, you can segment down on this phone call data by going to Segments > Interactions > Phone Call.

Step One: Format your file

To import phone calls in Crowdskout, first, make sure that your CSV is formatted correctly. Below are fields you can import for a phone call:

  • Date Called -- this needs to be formatted in numeric date form such as ##/##/####
  • Phone Call Campaign -- this can be the name of the call campaign (custom text)
  • Phone Number Called -- this needs to be the phone number that received the call
  • Phone Call Result -- this can be one of the following options: Successful, Left Message, Busy, Refused Call, No Answer, Unsuccessful, Disconnected Number
  • Phone Call Length -- this needs to be formatted in a numeric form in seconds (Example: a phone call was 1 minute, to import it the column needs to have "60" in the row/column)
  • Phone Call Type --this can be one of the following options: Personal Call or Phone Bank

Once you have finished formatting your file, save it as a CSV and upload it in the import tool. You can find the above fields in the dropdown under Interactions > Phone Calls. 


Add a global column to any phone call field that applies to the entire import, for example, if your entire file has "date called" as May 8, 2016 you can apply that date to the entire file. Click "Add Global Column" as seen here once you've mapped all the column in your file. This is the final step before Crowdskout begins to inspect your file: 


Once you’ve finished mapping out your CSV, proceed with inspecting, processing, and importing the file. Once your file has finished importing it will show up in the Activity tab of a profile.