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Creating a transactional email

Transactional emails are emails that are triggered by a user's interaction with your web form/quiz/survey.  Transactional emails are sent to users each time they fill out a form on your website.  To create a transactional email, follow the steps below. 

Click in to Tools > Email and click "New Email."  From there you will title your email, choose "No Audience (transactional)" and the type of email you wish to send. Create the email you would like users to receive after submitting a form/quiz/survey. For more information to create your customized email, click here


Web Forms

Once you've completed your transitional email click back in to Tools > Web Forms.  Create your web form or edit an existing one.  Once you get to the "Publish" tab of your web form you will see an option to "Send a follow up email." Here is where you will select your transactional email. Select the email that you would like to be sent and click "Done" when you are finished editing your form.