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Creating an email campaign

To create an email start by clicking on Tools on the left hand panel followed by Email.

1. Click "New Email" on the top right hand corner.  

2.  There are two different ways to send email, through Crowdskout or through a third-party vendor.  

Crowdskout: allows you to choose your audience and create an email campaign from start to finish on the platform.

1. Name your email campaign, choose your segment or list and the type of email you wish to send, text or html. 

Note: Crowdskout cannot track email opens for emails sent as plain text.  To track email opens, send your message via HTML email.

2. The next page sets up your email. Here you will add who the email is from.  Select "Templates" once complete.

3.  Crowdskout has a variety of templates you can customize or you can upload your own template and edit it within the platform. To upload custom templates, click here.

Click "Customize" to start editing your email. 

4. The customization page allows you to add personalization tags to your email or subject line and edit text, upload photos, add html accordingly.  You will notice your logo is automatically incorporated in to every email.  

Once you complete customizing your email, you can send a round of test emails internally before blasting out.

5. After review, you can send your email immediately or schedule a send for another time and day.  Again, once your email is sent, results from your campaign will appear on the dashboard, the analysis tool and within the email tool itself.

External Service: allows you to export any segment to an external emailing service. Simply name your export, select your segment or list and choose your service.  Your segment/list will then be exported to the chosen external service.