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Crowdskout scores reflect a modeled gauge of an individual's inclinations, calculated based on a range of criteria, including but not limited to available voter data, consumer data, and audience activity across the Crowdskout platform. They are meant to serve as an additional layer of insight into your target audience, not an absolute prediction.

Political Orientation Score measures political affinity from the left to the right, for example on a scale from 1-100, what is this person's affinity to support Republicans over Democrats?  The score takes into account voting records, consumer information, and donation history. 

Crowdskout Score is a calculation based on various interactions an individual has with you and how engaged they are on a scale from 1-100. The score is based on all interactions such as email opens/clicks, form fills, website views, door knocked, etc.

Klout Score measures the impact and accumulation of influence over time across an individual's social networks. Find out more about what goes into an individual's Klout Score here.

Interested in importing your own custom scores? Not a problem, just ask!