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Edit a profile

Search for the profile in the Search tab.  Enter the individual's name, phone, voter id or email. Click into the profile and you can edit information about that individual. 



Edit any of the following tabs to add or tweak information. Click the pencil icon to edit information and the thumbs up button to save it.

Edit the Demographics tab to add demographic information such as age, date of birth, education, family history, donation/financial information and interests.

Edit the Contacts tab to add physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. 

Edit the Civic tab to add voting records, district information and issues information.

Edit the Advocacy tab to add donations and memberships. 

Edit and add information in the Notes tab that may benefit you from viewing a person's profile. Here you can be as open - ended or specific as you'd like. Often times, Notes are collected when a walk list or phone bank campaign is executed. 

Edit the Custom tab to add or remove folks from specific tags. 

Import your own custom Scores or use Crowdskout scores to better gauge and interact with your audience.