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How do I build and save a segment?

Once your data is in Crowdskout, the first step to your marketing campaign is narrowing down the audience you are trying to reach.  Crowdskout offers 400 different criteria to segment your data on.  Need to attach a custom attribute to a set of users not found in our system?  No problem. Simply create a custom attribute by clicking into the Settings tab and selecting the Custom Attributes tool. To learn more about custom attributes, click here.

First, name your segment then click "create" to view all your contacts.  You now have the opportunity to refine your segment as much as you would like with any combination of criteria from the left column.  Each time you select a new criteria, your results will automatically filter.  

You can filter your results by relevance, last name, or first name and you can order your results by ascending or descending order. Click the drop-down menu to choose how you would like to sort your segment (located above the profile details bar). You can also search for a profile within a segment by clicking into the search bar within the segment results.

Documentation on each criteria in the segment tool can be found here