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Creating a quiz

Quizzes are a unique web form that allow you to measure your users' responses against a set of categories you define. Each response from a user will fall into one of your defined categories. At the end of the quiz, the user will see which category they responded highest for.

To create a quiz click Tools > Web forms > name your quiz > then click, "Quiz" which will highlight in blue when selected. 

Next, add questions to your quiz by selecting one of the quiz field types from the right hand side.  

You can also add in any Standard Fields, Profile Field Categorizes, or any Style Elements on the righthand menu bar.

The Confirmation tab allows you to either create a confirmation page within the tool for quiz submitters or redirect users to another URL. Click the default text to edit the text of the confirmation page. 

The Design tab allows you to customize the size of your quiz fields and make further style changes by clicking "advanced theming" to customize the CSS.

Once you're done with putting your quiz together click "Next" to continue. On the configuration page you'll can set up automated  follow-up emails to people who have taken your quiz.  Emails should be set up prior to creating a quiz in order to select the proper email in the dropdown menu.

You can also set up auto email notifications to yourself or the right people on your team to be notified as soon as someone submits answers to your quiz.

Click "Publish" to review your quiz's code and view the hosted version. 

You can always go back to the Web Forms tool to edit or delete your quiz at any time.