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Import your data

To start, simply go to Tools > Import on the lefthand menu bar. Drag and drop your CSV file to begin mapping the data into Crowdskout. 


To map a column, select the column type in the list/search box "What's in this Column." Here, you can see the exact collection that a data point belongs to. These collections match the collection groupings withing profiles. Once you are satisfied with the mapping, click "Save" to complete the mapping of this column.


To make sure the file is imported without a hitch please keep in mind that Custom Attributes are case sensitive (CSV and attribute cases must match).

Some columns of data that you import will require you to create a Parent Column. Parents Columns are created for data that rolls up into one another to create a fully mapped file. For example, a city's Parent Column is the corresponding state. If the Parent Column does not already exist in your file you can add a Global Column. A Global Column will apply an attribute to every profile in your import.


Once you are finished mapping click "Inspect" and your CSV will be inspected ensure there are errors in your dataset. You will be able to fix any errors before the import is complete. This step will also ask you if you would like to add a global column to your import. Each global column applies a single value to all profiles. For example, if you selected Custom attribute for 'What's in this column" then added the value "blue" each profile in your import would have the custom attribute for "blue."


Once the file has started importing you can exit out of the importing screen at any time and work on other projects! Exiting out will not stop the import process.