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Building a segment

A segment is a dynamic saved set of criteria. After it’s been saved, if new or different records meet the set of criteria, the segment will be automatically updated. For example, if you have a saved segment of registered voters, and more people register to vote, the newly registered voters will appear in the results of the segment.

You can build a segment with many tags and fields selected. Click on the Audience Tab > Segments. Name your segment then click "create" to view all your contacts.  You now have the opportunity to refine your segment as much as you would like with any combination of criteria from the left column.  Each time you select a new criteria, your results will automatically filter.  

Documentation on each criteria in the segment tool can be found here. This is what your screen will look like in the segment tool:

To refine your data by specific tags or custom attributes, select the "Custom Attributes" tab on the lower left-hand side of the segmenting tool. You will then have the option to select which custom radio, custom checkbox, custom text, or custom tag you would like to refine your data.

If you would like to refine your data by multiple custom radios, custom checkboxes, custom texts, and custom tags you will need to do this by entering into Advanced Query Mode.

Advanced Query Mode allows you to refine your segment by using the AND OR option.  For example, if you wanted to know what users were Facebook OR Twitter users you could do that in this function.  

1. Create a segment and filter your criteria before entering Advanced Query Mode.

Note: once you click in to Advanced Query Mode you cannot return to basic mode.

2. Select your Criteria you wish to segment further on. Then select AND or OR to compare this criteria to.  You will notice the query on the right side will start to filter your results automatically.

3. Select your second Criteria from the drop down menu.  From here, you can continue to add criteria with the AND OR functionality.  Once complete, click "Save Segment" in the top right corner.