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Profile tabs

The Activity tab includes every interaction an individual has had with you, from website views to form fills to email sends and opens.  All activity is timestamped and located here.

The Demographics tab includes demographic information such as age, date of birth, education, family history, donation/financial information and interests.

The Contacts tab includes physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. 

The Civic tab includes voting records, district information and issues information.

The Advocacy tab includes donations and memberships. 

The Notes tab includes notes collected or added. 

The Custom tab includes tags specific to that individual. 

The Scores tab reflect a modeled gauge of an individual's inclinations, calculated based on a range of criteria, including but not limited to available voter data, consumer data, and audience activity across the Crowdskout platform. They are meant to serve as an additional layer of insight into your target audience, not an absolute prediction.