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Adding a new dashboard

You can add a new dashboard two different ways. The first way to add a dashboard is to add it through the main Dashboard Tab interface. Click on the name of the dashboard to see the dashboard drop-down. Then, select "Create New Dashboard" to add a new dashboard.

Option 1:

You can also add a new dashboard under the Dashboard > Manage Dashboards tab. Then, click the button that says "Add Dashboard."

Option 2:

Once you have selected "Create a New Dashboard" or "Add Dashboard" on either one of these tabs, you will be prompted to name your dashboard. Type the name of the new dashboard in the text box and click "Save."

Once you have saved your dashboard you will be taken to the new empty dashboard. Click the "Add Module" button in the center of your empty dashboard or click the gear icon, then "Add Module" to add an existing chart or a default Crowdskout chart to your dashboard.