Before getting started, make sure you have your audience (a segment or a list) and form survey created for your phone calling effort.

First, go to Toolkit > Phone Bank > Create New.

Select whether you would like to make calls using the computer (Computer Dial) or using your own phone (Phone Dial).

The next step is to select your audience that you would like to call, name your outreach, select a phone number to call from (if you are calling from the computer), and then select the form that you would like to attach to the phone calling effort.

Here you can also select the preferred phone type to call -- no preference, mobile, or landline. 

You can also select if callers should leave a voicemail if no one answers.

Click “Create” to create the phone calling. 

*Once a phone bank effort is created, you cannot edit the name of the effort or add or remove any profiles.

  • Learn how to complete a phone calling effort here

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