The Inbox is where all text conversations are located.  You can drill down on any effort, filter by a variety of message types, and even sort your messages.

Each time a profile responds to you, you will receive a notification in two places.  You will receive a notification in your Notification Center, located on the top right corner of your screen.  

The second place is on the left-hand side of the screen next to inbox.  

Once you start receiving messages from your supporters, you can respond and manage your efforts in the Inbox.  You can respond to profiles by clicking on their name in your Inbox view and send messages directly from the Inbox.

Additionally, you can reassign conversations to your colleagues, when applicable, opt profiles out of text messages, and even end a text all within the Inbox.

Users can sort and filter on conversations in their inbox based on a variety of message types. Below is a description of telegraph filters:

Assigned To Me = conversations assigned to me

Assigned To Others = conversations assigned to other users

Open = conversations that are still ongoing and have not been marked as ended by the user

Closed = user has marked the conversation as ended 

No Response = any conversation where the last message has been read but not responded to

My No Response = user has not read message and the last response is from the profile OR user has read the message and the last response is from the profile 

Unread = user has not read the newest message(s)

My Unread = conversations assigned to me where no one has read the latest message

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