First, insert your text content block. Your text toolkit will appear when editing text in your email.

The text toolkit allows you to customize your text however you'd like. It also gives you the ability to insert Special Links and Merge Tags.

Special Links

Special links allows you to directly insert 'Unsubscribe' and 'View in Browser' hyperlinks into your email. Click on the 'Special Links' dropdown to access these links and insert them into your email.

Note: All Crowdskout email templates come pre-populated with an 'Unsubscribe' and 'View in Browser' link in their footer.

Merge Tags

Let's say you are recruiting volunteers across the United States. Using an email campaign, you might want a unique sign-up and landing page for each state where you plan to campaign. Instead of creating 50 different audiences and sending individualized emails to each, you can use Crowdskout's email merge tags to accomplish this goal.

If your segment contains profiles with information you'd like to include in a personalized email, merge tags can help! You can access merge tags in your text toolkit.

Click on the merge tag button and you will see a list of merge tags that can be inserted into your email. Click here to view Crowdskout's full list of email merge tags.

What if I don't know a profile's first name?

If your segment contains profiles with and without first names you'd like to include in a personalized email, the {{FirstName}} merge tag can be used as well. For profiles in your segment without a first name, the merge tag automatically will populate 'friend.'

{{ FirstName | "friend" }}

You can change the word "Friend" and input any langue you would like.


Have questions about how to personalize your message? Just ask!

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