When creating an automated email you must select the web forms you'd like to trigger your email to be sent.

This is the third step in creating your automated email after configuring your email's basic settings and selecting a template. Click here to learn how to create and design an automated email.

You configure your automated email triggers in the 'Automated' tab of your email's design flow. 

Select  'Add Trigger' to search for the form you'd like to trigger your automated email.  The form you select will trigger this email to be sent to the individual that has completed the form. 

Clicking into the search box allows you to view all of your forms and select the form you'd like as your email trigger.

You can select delays and multiple forms for your triggers.

Choose the unit of time for which you'd like to delay your email. This can be seconds, minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Then, select the unit of time by which you'd like to delay your email.

Once you've added and customized all of your automated email triggers, click 'Next' to begin designing your email!

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