Click into Toolkit > Email and click "New Email." From there you will choose the type of email you'd like to send.

Select "Regular." From here, there are four steps in creating your email. To learn how to create an automated email, head here

  1. Basics:

Here, you can name your email, add it to a campaign, and select or exclude multiple audiences. 

Sender information is only visible to your email recipients. Create your email's subject line, and configure its 'from' and 'reply-to' names. The email's 'From Name' will be what each recipient sees as the sender. The email's 'Reply-To Name' is optional and will be what each recipient would reply to if they choose to respond to the email.

After you've completed the basics, select "Next."

2. Templates:
Your account comes pre-populated with 8 customizable templates. You have the option to select any of the templates below to begin designing your email. Click here to learn how to create and save your own customized email template.

After selecting your template, scroll down to the bottom of your screen and select 'Next' to continue.

3. Design:
The design tab is where you create the email your audience will receive. The design tab allows you to insert text, create hyperlinks, buttons, add social media icons, and even embed videos. Click here to learn more about advanced design settings.

4. Finish:
The Finish tab provides an overall snapshot of your email's configuration. Here, you can see the audience, subject, 'From Name' and email, and 'Reply-To Name' and email. You can also send a test email to yourself.

You can save your email as a draft, 'Send Now,' or schedule your email.

To schedule your email, click 'Schedule.' You can then input the date and time at which you would like your email to be sent.

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