Crowdskout's export tool allows you to export segments and lists while grouping profiles by contact method.

To start, go to Toolkit > Export > New Export

Start by selecting your audience. Then, name your export, and select the custom option under "Select Template"

Next, click "Configure Export"

Here, you will see the option to group profiles by contact method.

Toggle "Yes" and you will see a drop-down menu with grouping options by contact method. Here, you can opt to group profiles by Physical Address, Email, or Phone Number.

Select your desired contact method to group your profiles.

You then have the option to select how many profiles will be exported per unique contact method. 

Selecting the Group of All Available option will include all profiles that share the selected contact method.

Selecting the Primary Point of Contact option means you will only export one person as the designated primary contact for the group.

If you select the Primary Point of Contact option, you will then be prompted to select how the primary point of contact will be determined. You can choose between the "Eldest Household Member" or "Score"

Selecting "Eldest Household Member" will give you the option to select a gender for your primary point of contact.

Selecting "Score" will allow you to choose between Engagement Score, Political Orientation Score, or any Customer Scores in your Crowdskout account. You can then choose priority for the selected score by which your primary point of contact will be selected for grouping.

You will also be given the option to select an Additional Priority Preference where you will be able to indicate a preferred gender for your primary point of contact.

Once you've chosen how to group profiles in your export, you can continue creating your export by selecting "Common Fields" or "All Fields"

Once you've grouped your profiles by contact method and selected your export fields, you are ready to export your list or segment. If this is a reoccuring export, you can also save this as a template.

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