Crowdskout's email app allows you to reach your supporters and share content that matters most to them.  That being said, there are best practices we require our customers to abide by when using our email tool.

Emails must always be usable AND opt-in.  You cannot send emails through Crowdskout if the email you're trying to contact isn't both usable and an opt-in.  

In compliance with email marketing laws, you must have permission from a recipient to contact them.  If you don't, that email may legally be deemed as spam.  You should ensure your email activities comply with these laws.  Do not use Crowdskout's email tool if you don't have permission to use those emails.

Opt-in emails are emails where someone has agreed to give you their email and allows you to email them.  Opt-in emails typically are collected from online forms or offline effort, such as at an event or meeting.  Opt-in emails are NOT emails that you find from a csv on your computer and decide to blast email. 

Spam and Bounce Rate
The industry standard for spam rate is 0.01% and the bounce rate is 5%. If your email spam rate is above 0.01% or your bounce rate is above 5% your Customer Success Manager will reach out to you about our three-strike Email policy.  More information on that policy can be found here.

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