To access high-level stats of your efforts click on Toolkit > Advocacy.  From here you'll see all past and ongoing efforts.  Totals for submissions, views, conversions, and total contacts will continuously update as your supporters complete forms.

Submissions: total number of submissions

Views: the number of times your form was viewed

Conversion: submissions divided by views

Total Contacts: number of times any person was contacted.

Every published effort has its own custom dashboard. Click on any published effort to access that dashboard.  The dashboard continually updates but you can force a refresh at any time by clicking the arrow icons under your effort name.

Performance: similar to the statistics you see above with total submissions, total views, and conversion rate.

Activity: trends chart displaying total daily submissions.

Total Audience Breakdown: total age breakdown of your supporters

Recipient Scoreboard: breakdown of who has been contacted by your supporters

Description Notes: this language comes directly from the Basic step when setting up your effort.

There are two options on the top right corner of every dashboard.  

Export: Quick way to export a csv of your audience. Once you click Export, you will immediately be dropped into the Export flow.

Arrow Menu
drops you back into your effort to edit any of the five steps.

Take Action: the Action modal pops up giving you the opportunity to engage your audience or analyze and organize your Audience.

View as a Segment: drops you right into Audience with all profiles in your effort.  As a reminder, you can segment on your effort at any time by clicking on Audience > Activity > Advocacy Contact.

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