If you have a reoccurring export you have to do, and are tired of selecting the same fields every single time, Crowdskout offers custom export templates so you can export the same fields with a simple click.

You can do so by going into Toolkit > Export > New Export. 

Select your Audience > name your export > and under "Select Template," click on "Custom." After that, click on "Configure Export." 

Once you clicked on "Configure Export" you are taken to the page where you can select "Common Fields" or "All Fields" for your export. As you select the fields that you would like to be in your export, toggle the "YES" option for the question: "Do you want to save this field configuration as a new template?" 

After clicking on "YES" you will then have the option to name your custom export template, such as your "Weekly Donation Export Template." Once you have done so, click on "Export."

After you have successfully exported your file, you can find the custom template you just created by going into Toolkit > Export > New Export > Select Template > Name of your template. 

Now you can select that custom template every time you have a weekly donation report due, for example!

Side note: Once you have created a custom export template, you will NOT be able to delete or edit the template. You will have to create a new one by following the same steps from above.

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