Once a phone calling effort has been created, go to Toolkit > Phone Bank > View All. 

Click into the phone calling effort to start your phone banking effort.  

Here you will see the phone calling script, a loaded profile of the person you are calling, and a button to start or skip the profile. 

If you selected "Phone Dial" when creating the effort, you will see the number to dial in the upper right-hand corner.

If you selected "Computer Dial," when creating the effort, you will see a green "Start Call" button in the upper right-hand corner of the effort. Clicking "Start Call" immediately begins the call.

You can also skip the profile if you do not want to make a call to the profile. Selecting "Skip" will skip that profile and move it to the back of your phone banking effort's queue to be contacted at a future time.

Select the outcome of the call to submit your survey.

Select "They Answered" to start a survey. 

Once you've completed your survey during your call, select "Submit Survey" in the bottom right-hand corner. This will record your form submission and phone call interaction on the profile's activity timeline.

If they didn't answer, select another outcome. Be sure to select the "Submit" option next to the call outcome in order to save your interaction. You must select an outcome and hit "Submit" to continue to the next call. 

Then, the next profile for you to call will appear. Repeat this until all the profiles have been called. You can always click out of a phone calling campaign and go back to the phone calling dashboard to see how many profiles have been called. 

You can restart your phone calling session by clicking the "Start Session" option from the drop-down nested in the triple dot menu on the right of your effort.

Selecting 'End Phone Calling" will permanently end that phone banking effort. You will not be able to complete any more calls or access that effort once the session has been ended.

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