Q: How do I get a phone number for my account?

A: You can purchase a phone number by going to Settings > General > Phone Numbers

If you would like to choose a number with a specific area code, you can do so by typing the number one followed by your desired area code and an asterisk (*) at the end. This will display all available numbers with that area code.

Q: What happens when someone calls a profile and there is no answer or the line was busy?

A: That profile will be put to the back of the queue without a delay so you can call that profile back. 

Q: Do I need to include activity fields for phone calls in the form attached to the phone bank?

A: No. When creating the phone calling script + survey in forms -- DO NOT include any of the phone calling fields. 

Once a call/survey is complete, Crowdskout will automatically add the activity of the phone call interaction. That includes: who made the call, when the call happened, the duration of the call, the phone call result, and the phone calling campaign name. 

Q: What web browsers can I use to make phone calls if I choose to make the calls through Crowdskout?

A: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Click here for more information on which web browser Operator supports.

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