To create a survey, click "Toolkit" on the left-hand navigation bar. Then select "Forms." Select "Create New."

Then, select "Web Form" as an option from the modal.

Next, name your web form.

Next, you can create your survey questions and add instructions. 

The Confirmation tab allows you to either create a confirmation page within the tool for form submitters or redirect users to another URL. Click the default text to edit the text of the confirmation page.

The Design tab allows you to customize the size of your Survey fields and make further style changes by clicking "advanced theming" to customize the CSS.

Landing Pages
Here you have the ability to create a landing page where your web form will be hosted.  This an optional step.  The first thing you should do is setup a subdomain for your landing pages.  You can do that by clicking on Settings > General > Landing Page Domains. Click Enable Landing Page to setup your landing page.

Note: the only required field to proceed with your landing page is the URL.

Here you can setup your landing page by selecting your domain, page title, page description and favicon.  

Continue to work your way down the page by adding in your branding elements and images here.

The last step in creating your landing page is setting up the description text for your page and footer information.

Once you're done creating your survey click "Next" to continue. On the configuration page you'll be able to automatically send a follow-up email to people who have taken your survey. Emails should be set up prior to creating a survey so you'll be able to select the proper email in the dropdown menu when setting up your survey.

You can also set up auto email notifications to yourself or the right people on your team to be notified as soon as someone fills out a Survey.

Click "Publish" to review your form's code and view the hosted version and your landing page URL if you created one.

You also have the option to change your web form configuration by toggling YES/NO to the question "Should Crowdskout match form submissions to other digital activity from a unique device?" 

You can always go back to the Web Forms tool to edit or delete your survey at any time.

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