To create a Goal, begin by going to Analysis in the main navigation bar and select Goals.

Click on "New Goal" and then name your Goal. You will then add a description and add to any folder if desired.

Next, choose your audience. Select a specific segment or list or choose your entire audience.

The next page allows you to choose the type of interaction you'd like to set your goal to. You can drill down further by selecting to filter by a specific campaign or web page for an interaction. For example, you can select "Phone Calls" as your interaction and filter on a specific phone call campaign such as, "Los Angeles District 5 Calls 1.25.2018."

You can then select the date you want to start measuring and optionally set an end date. Before moving to the final step you will see how close you are to meeting your goal on the footer of the page.

Lastly, you can choose how to visualize your goal before clicking publish. You can always go back to your goal through Analysis > Goal to change your goal at any time.

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