Once your data is in Crowdskout, the first step to your marketing campaign is narrowing down the audience you are trying to reach. Crowdskout offers over 400 different criteria to segment your data on.

A segment is a dynamic saved set of criteria. After it’s been saved, if new or different records meet the set of criteria, the segment will be automatically updated. For example, if you have a saved segment of registered voters, and more people register to vote, the newly registered voters will appear in the results of the segment.

You can filter your results by relevance, last name, or first name and you can order your results by ascending or descending order. You can build a segment with many tags and fields selected. Click on Audience > Segments. 

Refine your segment as much as you would like with any combination of criteria from the left column. Each time you select new criteria, your results will automatically filter.

You can also search for a profile within a segment by clicking on the search bar within the segment results.

If you would like to refine your data by multiple custom radios, custom checkboxes, custom texts, and custom tags you will need to do this by clicking in Power Editor.

Power Editor allows you to refine your segment by using the AND OR NOT option. For example, if you wanted to know what users were Facebook OR Twitter users you could do that in this function. You can switch back and forth between segmenting and power editor at any time.

If you want to segment on multiple data points, click on Save Selections before selecting your second or third criteria.

Documentation on each criterion in the segment tool can be found here.

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