Administrators can create and manage their accounts in Settings > Quartermaster. Through this tool, you can also choose how you want to share data and across which accounts quickly and easily.

To start, click on Settings in the main navigation bar then click Quartermaster.

Click on "New Account" and name your child account. Choose the new account's parent account. A good way to visualize this is through a hierarchy structure. Each sub-account will roll up into a parent account and you could have as many levels in between as you'd like.

Next, you can add existing users from associated accounts, or create new users (click on Create New User on the upper righthand side of the screen). You can also skip this step and add users within the account later. You can also choose each user's user level when you add them from this screen.

The next step is called "Share Data." In this step you'll be able to choose which accounts you'd like your new account to share it's data with. Think about this as giving data, the next step will be which accounts your new account will take data from. You can also choose whether you'd like to share data with recommended accounts based on your parent account or choose accounts one by one from the list.

Next, you can choose which accounts you'd like to receive data with from your new account. Simply enable or disable those accounts from the list below.

In next step named "Connections", you can select from the list below what vendor data connections you want to add to your account. You will only see connections that are available to you. Once you've connected click "Review" to continue.

You can review each step on the "Review" page and click back to edit any step if needed. If you're satisfied with your new account's set up click Save to complete the process. Keep in mind that sharing data sources can take some time to process so make sure you have all the correct settings before saving. Click "Save" to add the new account.

You can always go back to you Account List and make any edits to your accounts and delete them as necessary.

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