First, log in to Crowdskout and click Settings > User Management > User Levels. This screen allows you to add any type of hierarchy of user levels you wish to have. 

You can be as broad or as detailed as you like. Click "View Org Chart" to check live user levels.

You can change user levels at any time by clicking into the "Manage User Levels" tab and clicking the pen icon to see what current user levels have access to. The list below provides insight into how customized each user levels can be.

You can also edit export permissions for each user in this tool. Once you have selected a user level, scroll down to the "Tool Permissions" box where "Export" is a permission. Click the drop-down menu and change it to "Custom." Then, click the settings gear to customize the Export settings for that user.

Next, you will be prompted to change the Export permissions that each user level has access to. You can select "Yes" to limit the number of profiles a user can export. 

You can also grant or restrict each user permission to export sources and collections (profile field groupings.) Click on "Grant Access" or "Deny Access" by each field to grant or deny access to that data for that user level.

When you are done editing your Export permission settings, click "Save Changes" to save your changes.  

Once you have finished editing every permission at a user level, click back into Settings > User Management to adjust any user level at any time.

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