Power Editor allows you to refine your segment by using the AND / OR / NOT options. This allows you to drill down on mixtures of data points from the same field at once. For instance, if you want to see all the people who opened OR clicked an email, this is where you can make create those segment commands.

You can click on Power Editor and Visual Editor as you continue to grow and build out your audience.

Once you have selected all the filters for your criterion, click on the AND, AND NOT, or the OR function buttons. This will add your query to the query text box.

You can add multiple criteria, values, and filters to your query.

For more complex queries, refer to the first part of this guide to learn how to use the AND/OR/AND NOT functions and multiple parentheses to separate out individual queries from one another.

Once you’ve finished your query click the button at the top of your screen that says “Save Segment.” This will add to your segments dashboard. Remember, segments are dynamic meaning when a profile meets the criteria of your query, that profile will be added to your segment.

For more details about Power Editor, check out our Power User Guide for Power Editor.

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