A wildcard character is used to substitute any other character(s) in a string to be able to build advanced queries efficiently by not having to build out every set of criteria. If you're at all familiar with SQL, this is just like the LIKE operator. In Crowdskout, the wildcard character is an asterisk (*) character.

At times, you may want to use certain string matching without knowing exactly what you're looking for. For example, you may want to search for a state that begins with the word "New" — but match against all possible outcomes, including "New Hampshire", "New York", and "New Jersey". To do this, you can use something called a "wildcard" character to tell Crowdskout that you're looking for something, but you're not exactly sure what yet.

Keep in mind that to use this function, you'll have to type in a least three characters before the wildcard. For example, maybe you'll like to pull all states beginning with "New" in your segment. Here's what it will look like:

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