You can import a donation through the Import tool as an interaction. This means that the donation data that you import will show up both under Profiles > Advocacy > Donations and it will show up in the Activity timeline in profile. Once imported, you can segment down on this donation data by going to Segments > Interaction > Donation.

Step One: Format your file

To import donations in Crowdskout, first, make sure that your CSV is formatted correctly to import. There are five fields that can be imported for a donation:

  • Donation Collection Date -- this needs to be formatted in numeric form such as ##/##/####

  • Donation Amount in USD -- this needs to be a raw number without dollar signs or commas

  • Donation Payment Method -- this can be one of the following: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Stock, In-Kind

  • Donation Collection Method -- this can be one of the following: Online, In Person, At Event, Over Phone, By Mail

  • Donation Recurring -- this can be one of the following: Unknown, Yes, No

**Note: All donations imported through the Import Tool will be imported as a donation to the Crowdskout account name. For example: if an account’s name is “Dolly Madison for America” and an import is done of donations to that account, those donations would show up as a donation to “Dolley Madison for America” in both profiles and in segmenting.**

Step Two: Map your CSV into the Import Tool

Once you have finished formatting your file, save it as a CSV and drag/drop your CSV to the import tool. Map the file and when you come to the columns with donation information select from the drop-down menu under Advocacy > Donations. See screenshot for where in the drop-down Advocacy is:

Add a global column to any donation field that applies to the entire import. For example, if your file has a column labeled as "Organization donated to" as "ABCD1234 Org", you can mark that column with a global column. Click "Make Global Value" as seen here to apply a global column. 

Type in the name of the organization donated to in order to apply the global column. 

Once you’ve finished mapping out your CSV, click on "Inspect" to inspect your file for any errors. 

Once your file has imported, each donation will show up in the Activity Timeline in a profile and under the Advocacy tab. This is what the interaction will look like in a user's Activity Timeline:

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