To create a survey for Daytripper begin by going to Toolkit > Forms > New Form > Create New.

Then, select "Form" from the modal.

Then, name your form and click "Create."

You can add in survey questions by clicking in the 'Standard Field' section on the right. Select from single select, multi-select, dropdown, etc.

You can always move questions and fields around by clicking on the field within the form to drag and drop. Click on the trash bin icon to remove the field from your form.

It's important to see the insights you're gaining from your survey through the segment tool. To ensure you're able to do that, make your survey a 'submission.' To do this click Activity under the 'Profile Field Categories.' 

Then select 'Submission.'

Select the fields you wish to display in your survey.

Once you've completed your survey, click Publish to save and publish your work, or save it as a draft. 

You can always come back to the Forms tool and make any edits to your survey by clicking the triple-dot menu next to the form name. 

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