A Form is a form that is used to record data for internal use to log anything from an event attendance to a phone call. These forms can only be accessed by going to Toolkit > Forms > New Form > Create New.

Then, select "Form" from the modal.

Then, name your form and click "Create."

Next, add the fields you'd like on your form by sorting through the many options on the right-hand "Compose" tab. 

When selecting a field, you have the option to make that field required or not by clicking on the box that says "Required?" If you make a field required, users will have to fill in that information in order to submit the form. 

Fields are grouped into collections by categories as you would see them in the "Compose" tab on the right. By clicking on a field, you can see which collection it belongs to. You may add more fields, or remove them all together.

You can also move the fields around and make the field shorter or longer by clicking the double-arrow icon.

If everything looks great on the form, click "Publish" and you're all done!

Published Forms can be accessed directly by going into Toolkit > Forms, or from a profile. 

Accessing and submitting forms from a profile attaches that form information directly to that profile record. 

Accessing and submitting forms from the form tool will create a new profile, allowing you to input basic profile information into that form. These forms can show up as any type of form submission within a profile's activity timeline and you can segment on these forms through "Interactions."

Use these forms to quickly log information about volunteer meetings, log information about attendees at an event, log donation information and more.

Where do I find my form submissions?

To view form submissions, go into the Audience tool > Activity > Form > Form Name

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