If your segment contains profiles with and without a first name, enter the text below in replacement of the FNAME personalization tag. You can change the word "Friend" and input any langue you would like.

{{ FirstName | "friend" }}

You can also add in commas as well. If you want the email to say "Hi Friend," when the first name doesn't exist, use the personalization tag below.

Hi {{ FirstName | "friend" }},

Let's say you are recruiting volunteers across the United States. Using an email campaign, you might want a unique sign-up and landing page for each state where you plan to campaign. Instead of creating 50 different audiences and sending individualized emails to each, you can use Crowdskout's email personalization tags to accomplish this goal.

For example, you could include each state in your subject line like this:

{{ FirstName | "friend" }}, Help us make a change in {{ AddressState }}

Have questions about how to personalize your message? Just ask!

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