A web form is for external use that can be embedded on your website or via a shared link. These forms allow other people to fill out information about themselves to send back to your organization. These can be embedded on a website or can be shared via a link for people to fill out. The information then flows into Crowdskout as a new profile or appends new information to an existing profile. Web Form submissions show up as interactions in a profile's activity timeline.

A form is a form that is used to record data for internal use. Users can create standardized forms to reach specific information about a consumer. These forms can be used to manage events, phone banking initiatives, donation information, and so much more. This data then floods directly into Crowdskout profiles, facilitating an even more efficient process for understanding your supporters and consumers.

Both web forms and forms are completely customizable and easy to create. Collections can be moved and formatted across the page to fit the user’s preference, and fields can be added or removed as needed. There are six different fields to choose from when creating form content, including contact, advocacy, activity, general, civic, and notes.

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