Before getting started, make sure you have your Audience (Segment/list) and survey created for your Daytrip.

Click Toolkit > Canvas and clicking the "Create New" button.

You can also send an Audience directly from the Audience tool by clicking the "Take Action" button.

The next step is to set up your Daytrip. Name your Daytrip, select your audience, the form, and add any instructions you wish to share with your volunteers. 

Selecting the Audience (segment/list) and form (survey) is a required step. Please make sure you have an audience and form created prior to your Daytrip. 

Once you click Create, you will see your segment appear on a map. Zoom into specific regions by clicking the "+" button in the top left corner of the screen. 

To create a route, click "Draw A Route" on the right column. Drag your cursor around the desired area. 

Once complete, a message will appear at the bottom prompting you to name and assign that route.

Click "Save" and zoom out to continue assigning routes to all desired volunteers.

Once you are done assigning routes, click "Save and Send Assignments." Your volunteer will receive their route assignment within seconds. Once a route is assigned to a volunteer, it can not be reassigned. The route assignment will be emailed to the Volunteer and a notification will appear in the top right corner of their screen notifying them as well.

Once a volunteer has been assigned a Daytrip they can view the assignment under the Daytripper tool.  Here you can see a high-level summary of the stats about each of your Daytrips. Click into the Daytrip that you want to start and select the route that is assigned to you. 

Here the volunteer will see the map of their route. This route is calculated to be the quickest and most efficient route. 

Once you arrive at a house, click “Start Survey” to start the survey. 

Choose the profile of the person that answered the door or you can add a person. 

Next, you’ll need to conduct the survey by talking to the person who answered the door. When you or your volunteer has completed the survey select “Submit and Next Household” to go to the next household. 

Repeat these steps until the Daytrip route is complete. Once you’ve finished your route, select the “Finish Route” button. 

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