You can directly connect social media profiles when importing data into Crowdskout through our Import Tool. As a reminder when an email address enters Crowdskout, the email is scanned through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see if any positive matches are made. If any matches are made to that email, all matched social profiles will appear in the individual's profiles.

You can also import social profiles directly through the import tool. See below for the required information:

LinkedIn: A LinkedIn profile ID is needed to connect a LinkedIn account. This can be found in the URL of the LinkedIn profile. An ID is the numbers or letters found after the "" For example "profileid123" would be the profile ID for the following profile URL, ""

Facebook: A Facebook numerical ID is needed to connect a Facebook account to a Crowdskout profile when importing

Twitter: a Twitter ID is needed to connect a Twitter account. If you only have Twitter usernames you can convert them to ID numbers by using a Twitter ID converter.

Put the required social profile information in a column in the CSV file you are uploading to Crowdskout. Make sure to add a column header that indicates which social platform profiles are found in the column. Upload and map your CSV to Crowdskout. When mapping the social media columns to your import, select the corresponding field of "Facebook," "Twitter," or "LinkedIn" for the columns in your CSV.

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