Crowdskout helps you look at and use as many marketing channels as possible, even with a modest budget. Over time, you learn which combination of channels gets you the best marketing ROI. Those channels can include door-to-door outreach, email and digital promotion, direct mail and phone campaigns, and so much more.

Most marketers focus on the cost of a campaign, but the most important factor is return on investment for your marketing dollars. If you spend $10 on an email campaign and it returns $100 in sales, is that better than spending $15 that returns $200? One is more expensive ($15 > $10) but other has a higher ROI in percentage and in dollars to your bottom line.

Third-Party Integrations

Connect third-party platforms to Crowdskout and make sure your data is being used to help make the smartest marketing decisions possible.

Tracking Code

Drop our analytics code onto your site to track your users’ clickstream and actions (likes, shares, Tweets) as they move through your site – all appended back to their user profile for easy audience building.

Survey Creation

Create custom surveys that can be used for canvassing, phone surveys, or even embedded onto your website.

Audience Building

Build lists and segments to connect with your audience based on interest, location, social network or virtually any data point you have.

Customer Timelines

Visualize your customer interactions. From donations to tweets to page views — everything is easily accessible from the user's profile.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Visualize and analyze the results of your marketing campaigns. Then, use those insights to fuel your future messaging and spending decisions.

Social Media Enrichment

We cross-reference social networks to find your users on their favored social networks – enabling you to find influencers and connect with your users across the web.


After you’ve collected and analyzed your data, Crowdskout allows you to run highly targeted, segmented email campaigns using your favorite email provider – ensuring that you’re delivering the right message to the right people.


Want to use your data on another platform or for offline marketing? No problem. Take your segments to social media, a direct mail vendor, phone vendor, a third-party tool...whomever. You can easily run your segments and lists and export in seconds.

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