At the core of Crowdskout is the ability to bring all your data under one roof, knocking down the silos between different departments of your organization and different web services you use, making your data more actionable.

Crowdskout then gives you the ability to quickly segment target audiences based on sales data, donations, geography, civic or demographic characteristics, as well as an infinite number of custom attributes you may want to add, diving into your data in a way you've never seen before. Using these segmentations, you can create visualizations and run sophisticated analysis to dive deep in to your data.

Using this knowledge and insight, you can make better decision in your organization's marketing--and Crowdskout makes this easier. Whether you're a retailer looking to target specific people on Facebook and Twitter, or a campaign or non-profit looking to run canvassing campaigns, Crowdskout makes it easier than ever before.

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