To log in, Workers will need a Username, generated by field staff, and a Campaign Code, automatically generated by Organizer and constant for the entire duration of the project.

Finding the User Name and Campaign Code

The assigned campaign code is found on the upper right corner of the management portal (beside the campaign name). Usernames are created on the Worker tab and are assigned to individual Workers. You may edit usernames after initially creating the Worker, but the new Username will only apply to future Efforts. Any previously launched Efforts will be assigned to the old Username. 

For Canvassers:

To log in to the app, simply open the app on your Android or iOS device and enter the Username & Campaign Code that you have been given by your campaign manager. Then tap the “Login” button in the center of the screen to begin the Effort.


If you are repeatedly unable to login using your Username, contact your Campaign Manager to confirm that the Username and campaign code you were given are correct.

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