Accessing the Menu: iOS (left), Android (right)


Menu View:



Workers can view their individual results from the mobile app menu. There are a few options to view results by question or by person canvassed. Total people contacted and total doors knocked are also represented towards the top of the results screen.


Diagnostics:The diagnostics page contains lots of important information about the app and the device. If you are reporting an app issue to Support, include a screen shot of the diagnostics page or a written list of the diagnostic facts.

If you lose 3G/4G while canvassing, your Survey answers will save to the device. Once the device receives 3G/4G connectivity again it will send answers to the server. You can manually send the Survey responses by selecting “Force Send Answers”.


Check for Effort Update and Re-download Effort:

Any time you edit an Effort and reassign a Worker, the Worker will need to re-download the most current Effort. More details in the Loading New Efforts While Canvassing in the Field article.



Feedback: If you encounter a problem while using the app, use the Feedback page to let us know. Type in the problems you're experiencing and send feedback. We will receive your message as well as important diagnostic info about your device and app version. 

Log out: You may Log out through the app menu as well. Just tap 'Log out' and you will exit to the worker login screen. 

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