Organizer is unique among mobile canvassing apps because it is built to seamlessly import your data from most databases, including PDI Data Inc.  

Integrating PDI and Organizer

To integrate PDI with your Organizer account, you'll need to give your Organizer contact the PDI Organization ID. To find the Organization ID, login to your PDI account and click on Organization Info, which can be found under the Administrative Pages section.


Once on the Organization Info page, you will see your Organization ID


Once you give the PDI Organization ID to your Organizer contact, we will integrate your accounts so that you can start importing your Lists into Organizer from PDI.


How to Import a PDI Universe into Organizer

Step 1: You will need to go to the Create Lists and Files section to begin importing your List into Organizer. Below is a screenshot of the page you will fill out to import:

Step 2 - Fill out each question as outlined below:

1) Name the List, this will show up as the name of the file in our system.

2) Select “Misc Output File”

3) Click “Organizer Canvassing Tool File”

4)  Select the universe you would like to import

5) The file format will be set as a CSV file so it can be imported into our system

Step 3 - Process the List

After all sections have been filled out, click 'Process my List.' Once the list is finished processing in PDI, it will show up as an import in the Organizer import section. Please wait up to 30 minutes for the List to upload and appear.

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