Organizer is unique among mobile canvassing apps because it is built to seamlessly import your data from most databases, including NationBuilder.

Optimizing Surveys for NationBuilder

The 'Save As' column is arguably the most important column when putting together a Survey. It dictates how your data fields will be exported back into NationBuilder. 

With NationBuilder, your Survey answers are being automatically sent to your Nation, updating as your Workers canvass. Those answers are sent back as tags.

The 'Save As' column will be reflected as tags that follow the format of header_answer. So if the 'Save As' column has a header of SupportID and the answers are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, those answers will reflect in NationBuilder as SupportID_1, SupportID_2, SupportID_3, SupportID_4, and SupportID_5. 

Make sure when setting up your Survey that you choose headers and answers that will make your tags easy to refer to and search. 


Benefits of Manual Exports

Though Survey responses do automatically sync with your Nation there are benefits to exporting your data manually. Because NationBuilder interprets Survey responses as tags (as discussed in the above section) it doesn't allow you to search by Effort(s). Using the export tool found in the Results tab lets you tailor your data by date and Effort, capabilities that NationBuilder does not yet have. For instructions on how to export results refer to this article

Consider using this data to:

- Track which days are most effective

- Monitor your conversion rates over time

- Audit your workers' efficiency and efficacy through timestamps

Results Metrics

Also in the Results tab, check out the Worker Statistics, Hourly Metrics, and Breakdown of Attempts. These metrics are robust representations of your campaign canvassing. Worker statistics gives you data on each workers productivity in the field. Hourly Metrics breaks down canvassing by time so you can optimize future canvasses for the most effective time. Breakdown of Attempts provides easy to interpret visual representations of your canvassing attempts. 

Importing Data

When importing Lists, keep in mind that NationBuilder imports are limited to 50,000 voters. If your Lists are larger than 50,000, break them up into smaller segments. 

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