Efforts are specific Canvassing/Power Dialer events that you will have on any particular day. In addition, Efforts also contains your daily assignments or Turfs, the Survey you'll be using that particular day, and the Results of the day's Canvass.

In order to launch an Effort, you need to select a Survey, cut Turfs, and assign Workers to at least some of the Turfs. Here’s how you add each part:


Create your Survey in the Survey Tab. Once you've named and saved your Survey, you can add it to the Effort using the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen.


Turfs can be created on the main Effort Tab page in the map view before an Effort has been launched. There are many ways to create Turf using our easy turf cutting tools in the top portion of the map. You can learn how to create Turfs by going here.


Worker profiles are created and edited in the Worker tab. In order to launch an Effort, at least one Turf must be assigned a Worker. To assign a Worker to a turf, simply drag the Worker from the left window to a Turf.

Launching an Effort

Once you have all three components, you are ready to launch! You may launch an Effort if part of the launch indicator is yellow.


Then select the “Launch” button, wait for your effort to launch, and begin canvassing!

In order to canvass, you MUST launch the Effort by clicking the Launch Button.


Household Dots on Map

Dots on the map viewable within the Effort Tab represent an address not an individual Contact. If the address is a multi-person home then the address will be excluded from future Canvasses only if the following criteria are satisfied:

  • Complete a Survey

  • Addresses are marked as a Disposition that removes the Contact from future Canvasses

  • A mix of the first and second above criteria

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