Step 1: Enter User Permissions Management
Click on the campaign name in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Users"

Step 2: Add New User


Step 3: Add User Name and Email.
Email must be a Gmail or a Google-based email account. 

Step 4: Select User Permissions Level**

  1. Campaign Admin: Has full access to system and has the ability to add or remove Users. You can add up to 5 per management account.

  2. List Manager: Has access to their assigned Lists, ability to assign Workers, view Results, and launch Efforts. They cannot create or edit Surveys, or import Lists. You can add up to 5 per management account.

  3. View Only: View only access to the system.

  4. Inactive: Inactive user. Does not have permission to log in.

** Note: For Starter accounts, you will not have permission levels. All users will either be active or inactive.


Now you can assign your Users to specific Lists. If you assign a User to a List, that User can view only that List and create sublists and Efforts with that List/data. If you'd like to have multiple Users assigned to one List, simply add more Users which can be removed with the X mark. 

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