With Site Visit enabled, Campaign Admins can import lists containing person records with two addresses, Primary Addresses and Site Addresses. Primary Addresses are used for Canvassing Efforts and Site Addresses are used for Site Visit. Users can use the same list for both Effort types if the list has both Primary and Site Addresses imported.

Preparing data

1) View the guide on Preparing Your File for Import for more information on minimum requirements and cleaning your data before loading into Organizer.

2) Include a 'Site ID' field in your data file to provide your canvassers with an identifiable site name.

3) All geocodes (longitudes, latitudes) must be identical per site. If there are no geocodes, addresses must be identical. This will automatically group the people associated with this address into sites.

4) In order to also use contact addresses in surveys, custom fields must be created for the contact's address. View the Import Mapping Guide for more information on adding new custom fields.


Importing your site data

  1. Follow the steps for Creating an import for a .csv file.

2) Follow the steps for Mapping Your Data Fields

3) Map 'Site ID' 

4) Create custom fields for addresses and map if you will be using the contact's personal address in the survey.

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