On the Results Tab, you can export the full data file with all responses collected in a given time period, or export the table of aggregate counts for all Workers in an Effort. 


How to Bulk Export Record Results

Step 1: Select Exports Button

The Bulk Exports button is toward the top of the screen.

Step 2: Select the Date Range

Select the date range you’d like to export. Only the teams and Efforts from the specified date range will be available to select for exporting. The date range selected will export data retrieved from Efforts set during that time period. If using an Effort for more than one day, you’ll need to select the date the Effort was launched.

Step 3: Select Lists or Efforts

After narrowing the date range, the available Efforts to export are displayed. You can filter by team for easier selection of Efforts.

Step 4: Export!

Once the Efforts have been selected, begin the export by clicking Export in the bottom right corner of the window. The file will be emailed as a download link to the email that you use to login to Organizer. If you are having trouble downloading the data, try switching your browser to Google Chrome. 


How to Export Worksheet Totals

Step 1: Select Data to Display

Start by selecting Worker Statistics.

Step 2: Select the Export Worker Statistics Worksheet Button

This export button is located on the right side of the worksheet, towards the top right of the Worksheet window.


Step 3: Export as .csv

Since the filtering by date and Efforts was done on the main Results Tab worksheet, the only step left is to Export!

What email address is the export file sent to?

All exports are emailed to the email address you use to log in to Organizer. You can open a new tab in the same browser window that Organizer is running and access the gmail that links with the Organizer account. Shortly after exporting, an email with a link to download will be sent to your Organizer login email account. 


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