In this article we will review how to filter and view your Results. The Results tab is where you are able to view analytics from your data for Worker statistics, and Survey results. As you filter the time frame and the type of data to display, the Results will calculate and update. Large amounts of data will take more time to calculate and display.

Filtering Results

The Results Tab can filter by date, List and Effort. The page initially displays the current day’s data. Adjusting the date range is simple, start by selecting the Filter Results pencil icon in the upper lefthand corner next to the date. As you adjust the time frame in the “Filter” window and the type of data to display, the Results will calculate and update.

At the top you can reset the date range.

You can also filter by List and select specific Efforts to include. Or Select All to see a comprehensive total Results for the specified date range.

Worker Statistics

This is where you can view individual Worker statistics by contacts and attempts. 

Selecting Results to Display

The window on the left is where you select the Results data you’d like to display. The first section displays general Results categories (Worker Statistics, contacts by time, and the aggregate types of contact), and the second section shows survey specific results.

You can view your question-specific results in two different ways: “A” or Aggregate will display the total data with charts and graphics, while “W” or “Worker” will display a data table broken out by Worker.


Example: The multiple choice question is displayed in aggregate totals with many options for viewing (Pie, Bar, Table, Columns), while the Yes or No question is broken down into individual Worker statistics.

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