Step 1: Adding a New Worker

While on the Workers tab, select the 

 button at the top right of the page. You'll see a window appear that is ready to be edited and filled out with the First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Mobile Phone, Email and Tags. Adding an email or phone number is optional. 

Step 2: Add First Name and Last Name

Add the Worker’s First and Last Name. You can change the first and last name for a Worker at any time without affecting an Effort.

Step 3: User Names

Create and add usernames for each Worker. We suggest a naming convention like First Initial-Last Name (John Smith = jsmith) so it’s easy to notify all Workers of their username. If you edit a Worker's username, they must use the old username on all Efforts launched prior to the edit. For future launched Efforts they will use the new username. Usernames are NOT case sensitive.

Step 4: Worker Tags

The last column is where you will see Worker Tags. Create Tags by adding a Tag and will appear with a hashtag in front of them (#spanish). Separate multiple Tags with commas. Tags are optional.

Tags are a valuable way to sort Workers when assigning to Turf. You can sort by language skills, demographics, and/or shift dayS. You may also sort/search by First Name, Last Name and Username when assigning Workers to Turf.

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