Available Question Types

Note: The "Update NB Field" is a question type that is available for integrated NationBuilder clients.

Survey Injections

You can inject information from your data file into your Survey. This is useful for displaying polling locations, current member status, last donation amount, or any field that will be valuable for the Worker to know in the Survey. Click here to find out how.

Yes/ No

Yes or No questions are a basic two option question.


Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions have many choices for responses, but the canvasser may select only one choice. You can add more choices by clicking the '+' button under the current available answers. Similarly delete choices using the 'X' button. 

Shared Field

Shared Field is an open text field that pre-populates previously entered answers. This helps keep data consistent while allowing open ended responses. The lower field is where you categorize the responses entered, which is useful when using multiple Look-Up questions throughout the Survey.


Message questions display a block of text that is available to the Worker. The answer box is where you’ll include the message to be displayed to the Worker.

Text Field

Text Field is a message with an open text field to submit an open response. This can be multiline responses, free response, or Worker notes.


The text in the answer box will display to the Worker as a hint of what kind of answer to submit.

Numeric Field

Numeric Field is similar to Text Field in that it is an open text field, however only numbers may be entered. This is best used for collecting numeric data like donation or payment amounts.


Signature allows you to collect the person’s signature. This can be useful for signing petitions, donations or pledging to vote. For NationBuilder and CrowdSkout clients, users will have to manually export signature data since it does not display in NationBuilder. 

NB Update Field

For clients who are integrated with NationBuilder, we’ve developed a Survey question type that allows the Worker to update a field in NationBuilder.

The large message box at the top displays the question or message to the Worker. Under that box is a drop down menu of available fields to display and update. The fields available to update are First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email, Gender, Party, and Support Level 1-4.

Below the drop down menu is where the Worker inputs the updated information. The text displayed in this field is a hint the Worker will see if there is no data currently in the field, otherwise it will display the existing information. For strictly numeric fields like Phone number, the Worker should only input numbers, no parentheses or dashes. For fields like Party or Support ID, a value must be entered that can be matched in NationBuilder (e.g. NationBuilder Support ID are values 1-4. If a Worker entered 9 it would not update the Support ID field for that record).

Using Previously Created Questions

When constructing a new Survey, you can link to previous questions you've used in other Surveys. To do this, begin typing the question and you'll be given suggestions on linked questions. This is useful for keeping your data consistent across Surveys and Results.

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